Karen Pamintuan Uno Magazine March 2009 covergirl

Karen Pamintuan is a lifestyle tv show on ETC together with Kenny Waymack. She is also a former radio host on Monster Radio’s Playtime. She is now the cover girl of Uno Magazine for March 2009 issue.
Karen Pamintuan also does regular ramp, print ad and commercial modeling. She has already appeared in numerous TV commercials and magazine covers including Preview, Candy, Chalk, Mega, Cosmopolitan, Meg, Metro, Lifestyle Asia and People Asia. In 2002, she became Seventeen Magazine’s model of the year.


Mona said...

Karen is one of the prettiest fashion models, Emcee, Radio DJ, and ETC Lifestyle TV host. She is one of the most genuine TV personalities of the Philippines who is always humble and she has a positive attitude, and always greets everyone, rich or poor with her charming, and very sincere smiling face!