Playboy Philippines July 2009 Issue


As students settle back into their academic routines following one of the (alternatively) hottest and wettest summers in local memory amid scares of so-called swine flu and a questionable (at best) attempt to rewrite the Constitution, there’s something comforting in knowing that PLAYBOY is still here, ever dedicated to providing our readers with the best in men’s lifestyle that they’ve come to expect. A recent poll of the office revealed that, for the most part, the PLAYBOY Philippines family had a great time in college, and it’s in that spirit of fun and broadening one’s horizons that they dedicate the July issue. From Playmate of the Month Jem Milton’s scholastically-inclined pictorial to our look at casual wear on campus, to a refreshingly candid (if absolutely insane) Interview with Transformers star Shia LaBeouf, 20 Questions with Star Trek and Heroes’ Zachary Quinto and an entertainingly illuminating shoot by Marc Ecko, this issue is PLAYBOY’s way of officially bringing a close to the summer. School was never this fun.


Look Back in Blue
One of the great bastions of education in the Philippines, the Ateneo de Manila turned the ripe-old age of 150 this month. Here, New York-based writer Luis Francia’s pays tribute to the school that produced the likes of Jose Rizal, Gregorio Del Pilar and Ninoy Aquino

Peep Culture
Writer Hal Niedzviecki explores the seven facets of the burgeoning trend of living cyberlife in a proverbial fishbowl—peep culture.

Cover Stories
What exactly makes a PLAYBOY cover? Should it just be limited to, well, pretty women? Take a peek into what makes yours truly stand from the rest. Gentlemen, behold the fun little mystery that is the PLAYBOY cover.

The Sexual Male Part I
If anyone knows anything at all, it would be PLAYBOY US Associate Editor Chip Rowe. And if you know what’s good for you gents, you’d want to hear this unorthodox lecture on your little swimmers.

Shia LaBeouf
The Transformers star scrimps on nary a spicy word as he talks about his unorthodox childhood, raging hormones on the set of Charlie’s Angels 2 and what it’s like to not sleep with Megan Fox.

Zachary Quinto
Between playing the deliciously evil Sylar on Heroesor reprising the most logical entity in Trekkie lore, Zachary Quinto’s arrival at the scene is beyond question. PLAYBOY sits him down for a quick and dirty 20Q.

Electric Ladyland
Renowned clothing designer, graphic designer and philanthropist Marc Ecko lets his inner little boy loose and directs his attention (and lenses) on every man’s fantasy: a bevy of PLAYBOY Playmates as our celebrity photographer. Zing!

Student Body
Class is back in session. And as such, we saw it only but just to bring you the best of what the student body can offer. Pay attention gentlemen, Ms. July 2009, Jem Milton will school you in foxy 101.

Campus Casual
Swine flu advisories and typhoons shouldn’t keep anyone from being stylish on campus. Ms. April Andrea Shin and friends, shot by Jar Concengco, shows us how to keep things casual, yet fashionable.

Collegiate Cool
We pay a visit to the type of college crib we wish we’d had back in the day; the kind of place where we could hit the books (or bottles) at our convenience. Ali Zanjani’s opened his doors to PLAYBOY to show us what we were missing.


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